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Reasons to Consider a Website Redesign


As you know, business websites are used for generating leads.  In these days of inbound marketing, where people actively tune in to your business on the internet, you must have a strong online presence so your customers can easily find you and therefore, will want to interact with you.  Your website should be a means for your potential customers to make them aware of who you are and what you can do for them.  So if your website is not generating leads for you, you need to consider a website redesign.

Here are three main considerations when you should……

1)  You want your prospects to find you

– One main purpose of having a website is for the search engines to find you.  If your website is search engine optimized, your customers will find you, when they “google” you.  So if your website is not currently ranking high, you need to consider having a website redesign. Make sure to do a thorough keyword analysis and use appropriate tags and links throughout your site so your website will be indexed accordingly.  A good SEO company can help you with that.

2) You want to convert those prospects into leads and loyal customers

– Make sure you have a strategic plan so the necessary next steps are properly executed from customer acquisition to retention. Make sure your website has clear call to action, whether it’s a subscription to your newsletter or simply clicking on a special feature on your Facebook Page.  And make sure it’s clear and easy to find.  Don’t forget….make it engaging! You want to make sure that you offer something to your visitors so they’ll keep coming back. Would you ever go back to a place where you went and asked for something but you were totally ignored? So if nothing else, make sure to pay attention to what your prospective leads are saying and asking of you and respond promptly.

3) You want to create a brand for your business….if it will for sure drive your #1 and #2 reasons above.

– Unless you’re Nike or Coca-Cola, branding may not be that important to you at this stage of the game. But to create a strong brand for your business, then by all means, create a website that will reflect that. Do a thorough audit of your business so you can clearly identify what your branding goal is. And make sure not to lose sight of your customers. Find them and keep them.

So what do you think? I wanted to keep this one brief and focus on the three main website redesign considerations. Can you think of other reasons when you think when a website redesign would be a good thing to do? Please post below. We’d love to hear it.

‘Til next time….
Jocelyn Wilhelm, JW Social Media CEO

About Jocelyn Wilhelm

Founder & Owner of JW Social Media, Jocelyn Wilhelm is truly passionate about Online Media Marketing {SEO, Social Media and Content}. This passion drives her to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of SEO, social media and all its formats. Jocelyn creates and executes social media strategies as well as shows her clients how to incorporate these innovative techniques into their overall marketing plans. Her clients range in size and industry—from financial start-up and biotech contract lab to photographer, wine bar and family-owned restaurant.

Jocelyn believes social media is all about building relationships. Her professional mantra is, “Be Friendly, Be Engaging, Be Human.”


  1. Being that person that has redesigned my site once and is contemplating another, I appreciate your post very much! Thanks so much for sharing your insights and research! 🙂
    Knikkolette recently posted..Tried & True #Tweetchat Hosting TipsMy Profile

    • Thank you Knikkolette! Glad you found this article helpful. Two like-minded as we are when it comes to creativity, sometimes we just can’t help it, can we? A little tweaking here and there can’t hurt. But major overhaul, it’s good to focus our energies elsewhere. And I know we have lots of other things we can surely focus on! 🙂

  2. Funny timing here…I’m about to make a major tweak to

    Also, when you’ve outgrown your theme or CMS. I’d add that, if the site looks dated, it’s time for a change.

    • Hello Phil!

      I like your suggestion too. I always compare website redesign with redecorating a home. So your suggestion goes along with it. 🙂

      I also wrote another article, entitled Wrong Reasons to Have a Website ReDesign that addresses other issues. I think as long as an in-depth analysis of why a major redesign is being considered, and all the possible answer points to doing a website redesign, then the business can decide which direction they want to go. We are here to provide our expertise.

      Thanks for stopping by and I appreciate your comment.

      See you again!

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