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How to Get More Engagement on Facebook

Want to know how to get more engagement on Facebook?  Here are 8 simple starter tips.

How to Get More Engagement on Facebook

1. Post positive and fun content.

No one wants to hear you whine in person, same goes for Facebook. Keep your posts positive and fun and you’ll get more engagement.

2. Respond to your customers when they post on your wall.

No one wants to feel ignored. Want engagement? Make it a two-way conversation.

3. Post regularly but not too frequently.

The key thing to remember is consistency! Not only will your fans expect to learn valuable content from you, but if you post regularly, you are more likely to show up on their newsfeed.

4. Talk about Facebook on Facebook.

Pretty obvious, huh? People are more likely to share topics that are on the same medium as what you’re using.

5. Post valuable content.

Educate your fans and think about your service and products. You need to be creative with your posts so you’re offering something of value and not merely broadcasting out there on Facebook.

6. Experiment with timing.

Use Facebook insights to measure when you get more traffic. Research has shown that, posts outside of work hours allow for more engagement.

7. Make your posts visually appealing.

If sharing videos, embed codes directly on Facebook, so they won’t have to leave Facebook to watch the video.

8. Ask questions and specifically ask for feedback.

You want something done? Simply ask. 🙂

Now, I know you have more to add. Hope you’d share.

‘Til next time….
Jocelyn Wilhelm, JW Social Media CEO


About Jocelyn Wilhelm

Founder & Owner of JW Social Media, Jocelyn Wilhelm is truly passionate about Online Media Marketing {SEO, Social Media and Content}. This passion drives her to stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of SEO, social media and all its formats. Jocelyn creates and executes social media strategies as well as shows her clients how to incorporate these innovative techniques into their overall marketing plans. Her clients range in size and industry—from financial start-up and biotech contract lab to photographer, wine bar and family-owned restaurant.

Jocelyn believes social media is all about building relationships. Her professional mantra is, “Be Friendly, Be Engaging, Be Human.”


  1. All great tips Jocelyn. So many people will benefit from your expertise! 🙂
    Knikkolette recently posted..How Many Klout Topics Do You Have?My Profile

  2. Every one of these great tips is right on the money. Thanks for your expertise and the reminder.

  3. Sometimes the concepts that exhibit the most common sense are the ones that we most need to be reminded to remember. Thanks for the reminders!
    Mallie Dein recently posted..Custom ConundrumMy Profile

  4. Great tips, not just for the beginning Facebook rookie, but great reminders for us so-called experts as well. You hit it right on the head! Thanks for sharing your expertise.
    Dorien recently posted..Home Town Advantage – Marathon StyleMy Profile

  5. Hi Jocelyn,

    I like the experiment with timing point – as they say in all walks of life – timing is everything – conversing with people when they are not there to respond is just no fun.

    Thanks for sharing your insights!
    Christine Brady recently posted..How to Build a Responsive List of SubscribersMy Profile

    • Thanks for your feedback Christine. FB insights is a good metric to use and see when most engagement is happening. Take advantage of it and use it to build relationships. And yep, “it takes two.” 🙂

  6. Good info. Shared with our readers. Thanks, Jocelyn.

  7. Nice points – building trust with your prospects is all about educating and informing – share you knowledge in a positive and useful way and your brand will succeed!
    Kittie Walker recently posted..Content Strategy – A Raging DebateMy Profile

  8. Hi Jocelyn,
    I think the key to better engagement is definitely to listen first. Then interact with engaging content.
    As you have rightly said it is important to give a compelling call to action.
    After all if you don’t ask you don’t get.
    James Debono recently posted..Social Media for Small Business – Less of the Marketing and More of the Social.My Profile

  9. I especially like “just ask.” So simple, yet so overlooked! Fantastic tips that I passed along to my network!
    Martha Giffen recently posted..Finding Blog Content That Rocks!My Profile

  10. Great tips and another one may be to keep your personal page separate from your business page.

    Leanne Hoagland-Smith
    Leanne Hoagland-Smith recently posted..Shock and Awe of Business to Business Networking CostsMy Profile

  11. All great tips. I think I am following them (intuitive, but your post affirms). thanks, Peggy/Doc Peg

  12. Great tips – simple, straightforward and to the point!
    Coach Mi recently posted..Business Planning – Core Values are your foundationMy Profile

  13. Jocelyn,

    I think the most valuable item is the one about responding to customers when they post on the wall. A surprising percentage of Facebook page admins to do not respond. Leaves the fan feel unimportant, uncared about.

    Great list!

    Keri recently posted..Facebook 102: How To Use Facebook Pages As Your Brand NameMy Profile

  14. Thank you Jocelyn for sharing your knowledge, I am still uncomfortable with my FB page as a way to engage people so I found your tips #3 and #8 very useful. Will try them ASAP
    Anne Egros recently posted..American Culture: The Non Vacation NationMy Profile

  15. Excellent tips, Jocelyn! I, like most bloggers, am still learning how to play on facebook without getting lost in it. It’s good to keep in these in mind as we do. 🙂
    Srinivas Reddy recently posted..Keep It Simple, StupidMy Profile

  16. It seems so simple when you break it down like this. Often we think there must be some mystical magical formula, when the basics properly recognized and utilized are the answer. Thanks Jocelyn.

    • Hello Joel,

      I agree, if we all just keep in mind the basic rules of building relationships, everything else will just fall in to place. Thanks for stopping by!


  17. I like this post. In few words remind me things I sometimes forget (#3 I do post too often!). I printed them and put just above my pc so I’m getting sure I will follow. Thanks Jocelyn.
    Fabrizio Faraco recently posted..Build valuable contentMy Profile

  18. These are great tips. I especially like tips #5 and #8. It is very important to educate your readers, and remember to ask for their feedback. Thanks for the tip on checking the metrics.

  19. Great post, I love lists! I think experimenting with timing is something I need to do more purposefully and track more carefully.
    Karleen Harp recently posted..The Power of OneMy Profile

    • It is a great thing that there are tools readily available for us, that we can take advantage of to see how our efforts are measuring up. Thanks for the comment Karleen!

  20. I agree with Dorien. An excellent reminder for some of us who are not knew to Facebook…oh don’t we all want more engagement! Thanks for the tips.
    Dawn at Aimee Mobile Marketing recently posted..Comment on CUSTOMER DATA BASE GROWTH, MANAGEMENT & MARKETING by ashreiMy Profile

  21. Great insights Jocelyn. Those of us using Facebook regularly need reinforcement how much and what to post. Thanks for the refresher.

  22. One thing I’d like to add is to give some extra value to your Facebook audience. Some sort of Facebook only initiatives work out very well depending upon the niche of your products/business/services.
    Nakul Goyal recently posted..Pubcon Day 1, 2nd Session, Smart Organic Keyword Research and SelectionMy Profile

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