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"Be Friendly. Be Engaging. Be Human." ~ JW

Questions to Ask Clients Before Doing SEO Work

So you have that prospective client and are getting ready to put together a proposal. But you don’t even know where to begin because you don’t exactly know what their goals and objectives are. Here’s something that I’ve put together to help you. Start with asking your clients these questions to make sure you understand […]

Samples of Facebook Page Timeline Cover

About a week ago Facebook released the new Timeline for Facebook Pages. I asked some of my fans to post on my wall if they wanted for me to include them on my next article.  Featured below are samples of Facebook Page Timeline Cover of fans from JW Social Media Facebook page. Samples of Facebook […]

7 Random Facts about Jocelyn

“Be Friendly.  Be Engaging.  Be Human.” — that’s my mantra and I live by it!  So when a challenge was posed to me by one of my online friends, Dorien from More in Media, how perfectly aligned is that with my beliefs?!  So here I am writing a post about “7 Random Facts about Jocelyn”. […]

New Facebook Pages Timeline Tutorial

I’m sure by now, you’ve heard all the news about the new Facebook Pages Timeline. What?!  You haven’t!?! Well, then keep reading and watch the step by step tutorial. It’s an interactive how-to guide to use your Facebook Pages to tell a story, express your brand identity, and help connect and engage with your audience. […]

How to Get More Engagement on Facebook

Want to know how to get more engagement on Facebook?  Here are 8 simple starter tips. 1. Post positive and fun content. No one wants to hear you whine in person, same goes for Facebook. Keep your posts positive and fun and you’ll get more engagement. 2. Respond to your customers when they post on […]

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