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Understanding SOPA & PIPA

SOPA stands for “Stop Online Piracy Act”. PIPA stands for “Protect Intellectual Property Act”. If you can imagine a world without free speech, free knowledge, then that’s what SOPA and PIPA can do to what we know now as the internet. Who knows what the internet would be like, if this bill passes? Look at the stance Wikipedia is taking today. Is this how we want our internet to look like?

Please read this article so you can be educated as to what this could mean for you.

So do you want free speech? Free knowledge? Free innovation? FREEDOM? Educate yourself about SOPA and PIPA and protect your rights as a citizen.

Here’s a link to go to and tell Congress to stop this bill now!

"Stop SOPA and PIPA"

Let your Congressman know!

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  1. Joe Cheray says

    I am proud to say I took a stand with the rest of the internet community last week. I also applaud what Anonymous did in taking down government websites after the government went after Megaupload the next day. I followed their tweets as they announced one site after another had been taken offline. The Internet is a lion that should never be harnessed or tamed. It should be free for everyone around the world to use as they need to. I don’t agree with a lot of things I read, but then again I have enough common sense to disseminate information taking what I need and leaving the rest. Our government should do the same thing.

    • I’m proud of you Joe and that is one of the many reasons I love about our country, we have the right to stand for what we believe in. I agree with you, the government should focus on bigger matters and leave the internet alone. What’s unfortunate is, unlike you and me, there are other people out there that take advantage of available information on the internet. People who abuse, should be the only ones to face the consequences, and not the population as a whole.

      Thanks Joe! As always, love the communication. Nice of you to stop by.

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